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Suppliers of MBP® and premium Australian dairy products.

Snow Brand

– a brief history

Megmilk Snow Brand Co. Ltd (formerly Snow Brand Milk Products Co. Ltd) began in 1925 with a vision to improve the Japanese diet. Founded as a dairy farmers’ co-operative, the company is now one of Japan’s major manufacturers. They maintain this strong market position through the development of advanced manufacturing techniques and an uncompromising commitment to quality.

Snow Brand Australia

– a strong partner in quality dairy products

In 1990, Snow Brand recognised Australia as a quality supplier of premium dairy products. Snow Brand Trading Australia Pty. Ltd. was established in Melbourne to facilitate the growing volume of dairy products being sourced on our shores for the Asia-Pacific market.

In that same year, the company purchased Piam Ltd, a small cheese factory on the New South Wales south coast where Unicorn Cheese is produced. With the addition of world-class equipment, the factory transformed into the modern cheese-making facility it is today.

In 1992 Snow Brand Tatura Dairies Pty. Ltd. was established. Products from this state-of-the-art infant formula packaging facility are widely distributed in Asian Countries.

When these companies combined, a great synergy emerged.

Each part played a role in quality production, distribution, technical knowhow, and marketing. Coupled with the strong R&D backing of Snow Japan, Snow Brand Australia became world-class in the production and distribution of dairy products.

Our Values

Our values will be our legacy

The origins of Snow Brand date back to 1925 from the green, pristine lands of Hokkaido, Japan. Our values are based on tradition, perfection and the quality of life. Milk enriches our lives. It helps us grow, and it keeps us strong.

Snow Brand deliver safe, reliable and nutritious milk products based on years of expertise. We get excited about any new developments in milk products, because it means milk will play a lasting role in our health well into the future.

What we value most is our customer. This is why we strive for continued, rigorous research & development, quality control and partnerships with quality dairy producers.


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